Terms and Conditions

You are reading the Terms and Conditions formulated by Wild Joker Online Casino. These should be thoroughly consulted prior to using our website. By establishing an account and utilizing the features at Wild Joker, players give their full consent and accept the statements and regulations of the terms and conditions.

Wild Joker Casino Terms & Conditions

General Terms

Partaking in any activities at the casino website is only permitted to players that reside in jurisdictions where participating in such activities or games is permitted and approved by law. It is the player’s responsibility to make sure participation in the casino’s activities is allowed in their jurisdiction.

To use the benefits of the online casino website, you must be 18 years old or above. Gamblers can partake in gambling events if they are at legal age according to their jurisdiction. The casino services are forbidden and illegal to players that aren’t of appropriate age, which is determined by the jurisdiction where they reside.

The casino allows only one account per player. If someone tries to create multiple accounts using the same information (personal and banking information), the operator has the right to terminate those accounts.

Players who create multiple accounts with different personal and banking information will also see those accounts be restricted from receiving winnings, and all withdrawal requests will be denied.

There is no need to deposit money to play the games at Wild Joker Casino. Players can simply enter, choose a game in the Wild Joker lobby and try to play in demo mode. If players do decide to wager real money, then they are responsible for the outcome. Like any form of gambling, there is a risk involved when playing games for real money, and loss of money is always possible.

General Terms at Wild Joker Casino

Any person that is employed by Wild Joker Casino, including media partners, subsidiaries, licensees, distributors, agents, affiliates, wholesalers, advertising and promotion agencies, or their immediate family, isn’t allowed to participate in any gambling events or games at the online casino website.

All of the games accessible on the website are for entertainment. Whichever way players decide to participate, they are doing it at their own risk, knowing that any type of gambling will eventually bring some kind of loss one way or another. If you decide to play, you are validating that you won’t find any of the games or deem the casino unfair, offensive or objectionable.

The company also has the right to withhold or make winnings void if a player’s account is directly linked with other accounts where chargebacks have been requested, or they have been involved in some sort of fraudulent activity. This will all be inspected and determined by the Risk and Fraud division at our company.

The games and the other features on our casino website are exclusively available for your personal entertainment. You are not permitted professional use or reuse of the casino features whatsoever, and if this kind of activity is detected, you will be prohibited from entering again.

If within 14 days, you don’t provide the requested account verification, payment documents, or any other verification documents, all the account balance or pending withdrawals will be distributed to the company.

General Terms & Conditions: Players

At any point in time, Wild Joker Casino has the right to terminate your account without even giving you notice. Whatever balance you still have in the casino account may be transferred to your banking account at the time of termination. However, Wild Joker also has the right to cancel any winnings or account balance if:

  • Substantial evidence is found regarding players owning more than one account;
  • The name on the credit card you used to make an account at the website doesn’t match the name of your account;
  • You haven’t fulfilled specific wagering requirements that have been placed on the promotion you chose and decided to make a withdrawal;
  • You provide the website with false information about your personal data at the time of registration;
  • You aren’t the legal age in your jurisdiction;
  • You are a resident of a jurisdiction where participating in gambling is prohibited by law;
  • You permitted someone else to play using your account;
  • You haven’t played by yourself (meaning that you are part of a group or club) or playing not for entertainment purposes but professional use;
  • You are dubbed as a cheater (meaning you have purchased or acquired any machine software, computer software, or other third party software which is illegal to use);
  • You are deemed as a bonus manipulator; use promotions that have no or low-risk and withdraw funds quicker;
  • The company notices that you have another account in other gambling hubs where you display a negative profile (meaning you have cheated, or have used third party software to beat the games).

Terms & Conditions: Account Closure

Suppose the company ever suspects or finds any type of fraudulent activity committed by you or some of your pending transactions have been paid back. In that case, the company has the right to keep any amount from your account which is a surplus of your original deposit. If fraud or third-party software is detected, the operator will proceed to initiate a legal proceeding to acquire payments owned by you. You will partake and agree to pay all charges to the Company or payment providers that are connected with your use of Wild Joker online casino. Furthermore, you agree not to chargeback, cancel, or renounce any deposits made by you. If such events occur, all of your winnings will be terminated, and you will have to compensate the company with those unpaid funds.

Any time you accept any winnings or prizes, you are giving consent for the company to use your name for promotional and advertising purposes. There won’t be any additional compensation given to the player when his name is used.

It is the player’s sole responsibility to be aware of additional charges regarding taxes of prizes or winnings gained by playing at the casino website. When the player proceeds to claim winnings or prizes, they accept and agree with the given terms and conditions.

If the operator suspects or finds a player guilty of manipulating and abusing promotions or using a low-risk tactic to gain bonus money, the company has the right to ban the player from partaking in tournaments, events, and claiming promotions.

Fraudulent Activity

If you want to dispute the results of any game, event, or tournament at any point, you can send a written complaint within 14 days to the company. If such a thing occurs, the official result of the game, event, or tournament will be the one that’s displayed on the casino’s server software.

If a player fails to log in to their account for a period of 180 days, all of their account balance will be transferred to the company. The company deems an account inactive if the player hasn’t used it for 4 consecutive months. The company has the right to deactivate the account for a certain period or close it permanently if a player doesn’t log in after the 180 days have passed.

How to dispute your results on casino games

Bonuses and Wagering Terms

All free perks provided to players, whether extra spins or free chips are given for entertainment purposes.

If at any point in time there are promotions where players don’t have to make a deposit, bonuses such as no deposit coupons, loyalty bonuses, no deposit free spins, rebate bonuses, or any other prize that has been acquired in competitions, tournaments, or birthday offers, come with a 45x wagering requirement. Players can cash out a maximum of AU$100 unless otherwise stated in specific circumstances.

No deposit money promotions, rebate bonuses, or free spins require players to meet a wagering requirement of 45x with max cash out of AU$100 unless otherwise stated in particular circumstances.

If the match bonus is 100% or lower, a 40x wagering requirement is set, with no max cash out. The bonus money that players receive is not withdrawable.

If the match bonus is 101% or higher, there is a 60x wagering requirement set, and the max cash out is set to 10x the value of the initial deposit made by the player.

Players can expect their withdrawals to be paid only on Mondays and Thursdays unless there is a bank holiday. All withdrawals have a pending period of 48 hours.

Bonuses & Wagering Terms

Every withdrawal request is reviewed before the money is transferred. This means that if any fraudulent activity or cheating software is detected, the winnings will be terminated. The relevant deposits players have made prior will be given back to them.

There is a tier status in our Loyalty Program, and based on players’ level, withdrawals will be sent in installments. You can get in touch with the customer support service to ask about your status and the amount you can withdraw daily, weekly, or monthly.

Withdrawal Requests at Wild Joker Casino


All bets that players make using slots offer that is 100% or less, contribute to the wagering requirements 100%. This means if a player makes an AU$1 wager, AU$1 will contribute to the wagering requirements.

  • 1.1) Unless certain circumstances occur, players aren’t allowed to cash out before the wagering requirements are fulfilled.
  • 1.2) The amount of money that players see in the account balance is made up of withdrawable balance and playable balance. The playable balance can only be used to place wagers and can’t be withdrawn. On the other hand, the withdrawable balance can be withdrawn as soon as the bonus amount hits zero.
  • 1.3) When the wagering requirements are fulfilled, money from the playable account will be transferred to the player’s cash account. If the player uses any bonuses when they place wagers, the operator will only use funds from the player’s playable account. The only time money will be taken from the withdrawable account is when the player doesn’t use a bonus.
  • 1.4) You will see all the betting contributions for every game category and group listed below. Keep in mind that not every game contribution will be the same for every wagering requirement of each bonus.

Specialty Games, Slots, and Keno all contribute 100% to the wagering requirements.

Wagering requirements at Wild Joker Casino

Unless certain circumstances occur or the company makes an exception, all the following games can’t be played if players are using a bonus: Progressive Slots, Jackpot games, Let Em Ride, Craps, Caribbean Draw, Caribbean Hold’em, Caribbean Stud, Pai Gow Poker, MultiPlayer Roulette, War, Vegas Three Card Rummy, Roulette, Blackjack, Tri-Card Poker, Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, Baccarat, Red Dog and Sic Bo.

Here are some of the percentage contributions for the following games:

  • Slots – 100%
  • Keno – 100%
  • Board games – 100%
  • Real Series Video Slots – 100%
  • Scratch cards – 100%

All of the percentages that you see above represent the amount of your wager contributing to the given wagering requirements.

Percentage of Contributions

No Max Out Cashout Bonus

Once players complete the wagering requirements, all the funds are available for the player to keep. After players have met the wagering requirements, it is important to cash out immediately.

Maximum Withdraw: The terms and conditions set by Wild Joker Casino state that players can cash out a maximum of AU$10,000 per week. If the withdrawal request is higher than AU$10,000, the rest will be paid in installments in the following weeks.

No Max Out Cashout Bonuses

Withdrawal & Payout Procedure

Keep in mind that in order to make the process faster and more efficient, withdrawals are processed on a day-to-day basis and will have a pending period of 48 hours.

Players will receive their winnings on workdays unless there is a public holiday.

In order for players to finalize their withdrawal, they will need to provide a photo or a copy of a photo of at least one of the following documents: ID document, Driver’s license, or a Passport by a recognized country or state.

Players will need to provide the company with all the required documents within 14 days of making the withdrawal request. Here are the documents that need to be provided:

  • A utility bill in the player’s name, not older than 3 months;
  • A front and back copy of the card that the players are using to make deposits;
  • A driver’s license, ID document, or passport issued by the government where the player resides.

If players miss the deadline of 14 days, the withdrawal request will be terminated, and all funds will be transferred back to the account balance. When you do provide all the required documents, you will need to request a withdrawal again. Still, this time, the company won’t be responsible for any complications that may occur, like wagering requirements that may arise due to the second withdrawal you are requesting.

Withdrawal & Cashout Procedure at Wild Joker Casino

Any match deposit promotion must be claimed on the same day of the deposit. Players aren’t allowed to claim promotions like these ones after they make a deposit.

A player can’t claim two deposit promotions at once. There needs to be a minimum deposit of AU$25 made in between claiming two no deposit offers. If a player manages to get two no deposit required bonuses at once, all winnings will be terminated.

If a new player promotion is available, including a deposit match bonus, the promotion can only be claimed once per player, IP address, household address, email, family, credit card number, and debit card number.

The same goes for free bonuses that the operator may offer, and they can also be claimed once per player, IP address, household address, email, family, credit card number, and debit card number.

All deposit bonuses will be credited once a deposit has been made. If players reverse a withdrawal, it won’t be counted as a deposit being added to their account.

A special promotion will be available from time to time, and it will have special wagering requirements and withdrawal limits, which weren’t listed above. In this situation, players will have all the information placed with the promotion. If the information isn’t stated with the promotion in hand, then the general terms and conditions always apply.

Wild Joker Casino Deposit Information

If the company sends special promotions to one player’s account, it is intended only for that player’s account. The player that receives an email containing the promotion has to use it on their account and can not resend it to another player’s account.

It is the player’s responsibility to make sure that they understand which games are available to place bets on when using a particular bonus. This info will usually be placed together with the promotion at hand. If players aren’t sure about the available games, they can always contact the customer support service and request an additional explanation.

Before players can withdraw any winnings that they achieved using a free play bonus, free spins, or free chips, they are required to make a deposit that is 50% of the free bonus value. For example, if a player claims AU$150, fulfills the required playthrough requirements, and wants to withdraw money, they will have to deposit AU$75 before the withdrawal request is processed.

For players that have never before made payments at the online casino website, they can withdraw winnings from any bonus, free perk, and VIP points once they have made a real money payment.

Special Promotions at Wild Joker Casino

Progressive Jackpots

In order to gain their winnings from progressive slots, players will need to make sure that they don’t have an active bonus. A bonus will continue to be deemed active until there are still funds acquired by claiming the bonus. Moreover, any winnings made by using the bonus, a balance where the wagering requirements are met, and pending withdrawals that are active will still prohibit you from claiming progressive slot winnings. For the bonus to be deemed non-active, the player has to withdraw the funds acquired when claiming the bonus or forfeit them.

Progressive Jackpots at Wild Joker Casino

Weekly Tuesday Cashback

All weekly cashback bonuses that are made available are subjected to these terms and conditions unless the company wants to make some changes:

They will only be credited on Tuesdays (unless it is a public holiday), within 24 hours to Aussie players that fulfill these requirements:

  • The weekly cash backs are calculated based on all the money a player wagers between Tuesday and Sunday. Australian players will need to make at least an AU$200 deposit to qualify for the cashback bonus;
  • Any cashback bonus that is claimed must be wagered 35x for all slot games;
  • Aussie players are required not to have any pending withdrawals
  • Australian players have to have an active balance lower than AU$1;
  • Australian players are required not to have requested a withdrawal in the past month or 30 days.

If Australian players want to check whether they are eligible to claim cashback bonuses, they can contact their account manager or get in touch with the customer support service.

Unless the company makes some changes, all cashback bonuses include a 10x bonus that can go up to AU$500. Australian players must have real money losses, must not have pending withdrawals, must have a balance sitting at AU$0, and must not have claimed a bonus before in order to be eligible to claim a cashback offer.

Weekly Tuesday Cashback