Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is an internal declaration that governs an organization’s or entity’s personal data handling practices. In fact, it is very important to us, being a well-renowned casino, to take care of our clients’ privacy of the information and transactions. Gambling at Wild Joker Casino means winning money, enjoying, and not bothering about the safety and security of your personal information. We know how important it is to protect our clients’ data, so we are working with the best regulations connected to the privacy policy. We advise all potential players to read the privacy policy before making an online account or starting gambling.

Our Privacy Policy

Personal Information

The personal information that Australian gamblers provide identifies the individual who likes to start playing at our casino lobby. Everyone that wants to start gambling must register on our website and enter personal information like name, age, transaction information, etc. By entering the personal information and making an account, we will ensure to manage your relationship with us at Wild Joker Casino. Before entering personal data, it is essential for you to read the Privacy Policy. In case you happen to disagree with a statement there, think twice or contact us before joining. Personal information is vital for us to provide all our gamblers’ services smoothly and spotlessly.

Below, you can read about how we collect Personal Data, use personal information, and manage to protect it.

About How we Collect Personal Data

We have a separate data basis for the personal information we collect from our clients after they register on our website. However, collecting information isn’t an easy process because the customers aren’t physically present to identify, so we need to require:

  • confirmation documents for credit or financial institutions;
  • ensuring that the Aussie identity is supported and approved by other papers, information, or data;
  • verifying that the very first payment is made through a credit institution account created in the customer’s name.

Except for the name, the age, and the transaction info, Australian gamblers must enter personal information like date of birth, physical address, credit card information, email address, a phone number.

How we collect personal Data

The phone number is significant because, after the first deposit, Aussies will be contacted via their telephone number in order to verify and confirm their personal information. Also, the personal information includes correspondences made via our website, email, telephone, Live Chat, and many other forms of communication, such as customer account transaction history, etc. 

We want our Australian clients to ensure that we don’t misuse their personal information and details. The only one that will have access to personal information is our dedicated and trustworthy team, keeping them safe and secure 24/7.

When we are talking about the safety and security of the client’s info, then you should know that our casino will retain the customer data for five years after the end of the relation with the client. Also, your account and data are protected from unauthorized access 24/7. And we highly guarantee that the information we use is in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

Why The Phone Number is so important

Why We Do It?

The answer to the question of why do we collect personal information and have a privacy policy – is more than apparent. With the documents gamblers sent to us, we will be assured that a real person is playing at our website and not an unknown individual or third party. Also, with the age information, we will clarify that the person is an adult because we can’t allow minors to gamble as it is forbidden by the law. 

Our casino services can be used only by approved people who have a permanent home address, valid ID passport documents, and legitimate banking info. 

We are aware that privacy is of the utmost importance for our clients. If they read the policy and have doubts about a statement of it, they have the option to choose another online casino that will meet their requirements. And if they agree with the policy and apply the required documents, the gambling journey can start. 

To summarize, we do it because our clients and their data are critically valuable for our gaming hub.

Why we collect personal information from customers

About the Transfer of Data to Third Parties

Our team of dedicated people is working hard to conduct security assessments using personal data obtained from third parties. We do this in order to protect our clients’ gaming acts and info from being misused by third parties. The relevant info we need to collect is related to the credit history of our customer’s financial services. Also, we require information for identification like name, home address, valid ID, or passport. Our casino is working hard in this field because we want to prevent illegal gambling activity.

About transfering data to third parties

Payment Information

To enable you to deposit and withdraw, we at Wild Joker Casino also need payment information from potential gamblers. The payment information is a very important segment of your gaming process. These include the credit card number, bank account details, and some crucial documents, some of which are:

  • Any form of identification such as ID, Passport, or valid copy of driver’s license;
  • A current (less than 90-day-old) utility bill with your name and current home address. It can be water, telephone, electricity or gas bills;
  • Credit or debit card copy (keep in mind that the CVV number and the 8 digits on the front must be blocked);
  • The Authorised Deposit Report Form given from us must be completed and sent back with all fields filled in. Customers will find this form by clicking on the Authorization Agreement tab on the Credit and Debit Card option, which can be found on our online casino site.

Important payment information at Wild Joker Casino

New players that withdraw for the first time need to make a telephonic verification. For those who have previously made withdrawals, it is necessary to send some documents through email in order to confirm the withdrawal request. It is a must for all deposits to be verified because of our gambling site’s security and safety measures. 

When we discuss the required payment information, now is the best time to mention the payment methods our casino provides. After you send us the needed documents and the whole verification process is completed, you are ready to make or choose a withdrawal method.

Verification Process for newcomers


The online gambling industry isn’t only connected with the gaming act but also with marketing purposes. When we are talking about marketing deals, we think of special promos offered by the casino. Fortunately, you – the gamblers are the ones who can enjoy and use all these marketing promos that our casino has tailored just for you. 

Usually, we provide special bonuses, offers, services, and applications for you. So, we will need your agreement with this Privacy Policy for using your personal and data information. The data we will require from you is a name, email address, phone number, home address, etc. Our casino will use them in order to be in touch with you and provide you with everything new we offer.

Our Marketing Affiliates are working on alternative marketing promos, and they will use your personal information to send you emails, SMS, or other marketing purposes that they think are relevant for you. Gamblers can receive the marketing promos on their devices on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The bright side of marketing promotions is that players can use them immediately after obtaining them, wherever they are. Also, there is an option for you to stop and decline the marketing promos our business partners or our team gives you, by just emailing us at [email protected].

Collecting data for marketing purposes

How to Contact us

As a well-renowned casino, we have many great options for clients who would like to contact us. If any of the Aussies have further questions or doubts about the Privacy Policies, they can freely contact us. Our team of dedicated individuals who work tirelessly will be happy to help. 

The positive side of our website is that we are available for our customers 24/7. Our team has experience in working with clients, and they are fluent in many languages as well. 
We are easily accessible by email: [email protected]. Also, if you need an immediate answer, you can contact us on Live chat or the toll-free number 1800834497. Gambling at our website will be an even more enjoyable activity with the excellent support team we have.

How to contact us